How to find a Personal Driver in NYC to be my Chauffeur

The busier we get, the more we realize our 2 hands and 24 hours in a day aren’t just enough. We need more time as much as we need an extra pair of hands. For something as big as moving from place to place, it’ll help to have a personal driver.

When you have a good personal driver, you enjoy a kind of treatment that improves your general livelihood; long distances feel shorter, you free up more time for other activities, and you travel more safely. 

The City of New York is unique in driving. Finding the right driver who matches the brand of driving of the city can also be unique. In this article, we will show you how you can find and hire a personal driver in New York City. But first, to make a smart choice, you need to know what should you expect from a personal driver.

Personal Driver in NYC Chauffeur

Job description of a Personal Driver

Drivers drive. That should be it, right? But we are not just talking about drivers here. We are talking about your personal driver. What would be their responsibility and what should you expect them to do for you?

Besides pressing the pedal to the metal, and steering you to your destination on time, there are other responsibilities of a personal driver.

We expect a professional personal driver to help their employers in tasks such as getting in and out of the car, carrying their luggage, running some errands, chaperoning children to and from activities, and making appointments for car servicing and repairs.

There are cases where these tasks are absolutely necessary. Such as when the employers and/or passengers have mobility challenges, are elderly adults, and parents with little children. 

There are other cases where a personal driver can even be a bodyguard. These are usually those with a law enforcement background and licensed to carry a weapon. During winter, your personal driver can also help with clearing the snow and ice on the driveway.

What to look out for when hiring

Work history

You want a driver who has some experience driving commercially or has been a private driver before. Ask about their experience at their former place of work and try to find out how it ended (if it ended). This will help you understand who you want to work with.

Driving history

Most people started driving long before they went professional. You will want to know how long they’ve been licensed drivers and if they’ve ever violated any rules or gotten a driving-related ticket. Try to understand the story behind any violation, though. Not every ticket instantly disqualifies a driver.

Familiarity with New York City

NYC driving should be a course in college or something. There’s a unique breed of drivers on the streets of New York, and your driver should be familiar with them. Not just the drivers, they should also know familiar and unfamiliar routes in the city. You don’t want a GPS-dependent driver to try to get you out of an 8 am gridlock when you have a meeting by 9.

Work habits and ethics

Are they punctual? Do they love being a chauffeur? How do they handle stress? How many hours are they going to be available for work? These are important questions to ask.

You want to know if you can rely on this driver. And if they are committed to getting you to where you need to be, with as little hassle as possible and in a delightful manner.

If you’re hiring from a staffing firm, you’ll want to know about their training and how they vet their drivers. Ask about the driver’s history and let them know you want someone that matches your profile. Try to understand all the ins and outs including insurance, compensation and benefits, emergency procedure, backup plan, etc. 

Where to find personal drivers in NYC

Someone who answers all the above questions right most likely has a personality you enjoy. In the chauffeur business, a lot of your experience has to do with the driver and less about the road.

So where do you look to find someone who you can drive you around New York City?

Driver Staffing Firm

This is one of the easiest ways to work with people whose primary job is to get you a personal chauffeur. Understand their procedure, their driver’s driving background, and the other nitty-gritty of your business with them before moving forward.

Online Job placements

Posting a vacancy for a driver online on sites like can open the door to a myriad of qualified applications. Once you narrow down those you’re interested in, you can interview them, paying attention to the ‘what to look out for’ information we gave you above.

Expect a personal chauffeur to cost as little as $30,000/year and as much as $75,000/year.


Don’t hire a driver whose background you find sketchy. You are entrusting your car, your money, and your life into this person’s hands. Be very thorough in the hiring process and then you can start enjoying the benefits of having the extra helping hands.